african violets for sale

African Violets for sale

One of the few places in the UK specialising in the sale of african violets. Cloud Violets are dedicated to providing quality varieties of standard and miniature african violets for sale.

Interesting and beautiful african violets for sale

Standard and miniature varieties of african violet are modern, sophisticated and compact house plants and we have a variety of hybrid african violets for sale.

dwarf african violets

We have been growing african violets (Saintpaulia) in the UK for years and are now offering our plants for sale on the web to the UK. Our specialism is dwarf (miniature) varieties although we sometimes offer a number of standard african violet varieties too. All of our african violets are grown from seed (to look for new hybrids) or dividing and leaf cuttings (when we want to ensure exact replicas).

With the huge variety of african violets now available - we hope that the popularity of these endearing little plants will increase, at least in the UK! Whether you are an established african violet enthusiast, beginner or searching for a gift - we hope you find the miniature african violet you're looking for.

African violet leaves and seeds for sale too...

We are one of the only websites that offer everything - plants, leaves and seeds!

Various african violets for sale

Not only can you buy fully grown plants and younger plantlets from us, we also offer for sale african violet leaves and seeds. Leaf cuttings are a cheaper alternative to buying a plant, you just need to follow the instructions and have a bit of patience. It's very rewarding when you see the first new leaves appear and know that a new african violet plant is on the way! We offer a selection of leaves from our known hybrids so you know exactly what you're going to get or you can be a bit more adventurous and try some unknown hybrids.

We also sell seeds from a stock of mixed african violet hybrids. You never know what you're going to get with these and this is definitely the most cost-effective way to obtain a collection of african violets. Within a few weeks of sowing, you will be rewarded with the first appearance of tiny seedlings that grow into a variety of different forms. Of course - if you can't wait you can always buy a plant or two in the meantime!

Remember, if you can'f find the african violets for sale that you want - let us know and we'll try our best to help!

African violet relatives

We also sell a number of other members of the Gesneriad (Gesneriaceae) family to which african violets belong.

Various gesneriads for sale

There are plenty of other Gesneriads that, while perhaps not as well known as african violets, are every bit as beautiful. This includes species of Primulina, Sinningia, Eucodonia and Episcia, which are seldom seen in garden centres (although deserve to be stocked!).


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Our african violet plants are in high demand and often get sold out before we have new stock available. Let us remind you when more plants, leaves or seeds are available - just send us an email and ask!

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